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Even when engaged in a game of leisure, you're exposed to a multiple of risks, be it damage to your prized clubs or accidents involving third parties. Falcon Insurance's golfer insurance package policy, Golfer Protect, with its extensive worldwide coverage and generous limits, is thus your best golfing companion.


1. Golfing Equipment:
- Loss of or damage to all golfing equipment including golf clubs, bags, balls and trolleys
- HK$2,000 per golf club
- Up to HK$25,000 per year

2. Personal Effects
- Loss or damage to your personal effects due to fire or theft
- Up to HK$5,000 per year

3. Personal Liability
- Legal liability to third part for bodily injury or loss of or damage to property whilst playing or practicing golf
- Up to HK$2,500,000 per year

4. Personal Accident
- Bodily injury caused whilst playing or practicing golf
- Up to HK$200,000 per year
- Compensation payable as follows:

Compensation Chart
Accident death$200,000
Loss of two or more limbs$200,000
Loss of sight of both eyes$200,000
Loss of one limb and sight of one eye$200,000
Loss of one limb OR sight of one eye$100,000

Important Note:
1. The insured person has to be aged between 18 - 65
2. Golf course in question must be one that is recognized
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