Electronic Equipment

Cover physical damages to your electronic equipment.

With the rapid development of electronics and the indispensability of information technology, electronic equipment nowadays has become an integral part of business.

For the smooth running of your business, it is important to ensure that these electronic equipment are taken care of and managed well. Even with this, unforeseen circumstances can still cause damage to the equipment. Loss of information due to such damage could potentially be devastating for the health of your business.

Falcon’s Electronic Equipment insurance has been developed keeping this in mind. It covers physical damages to your various electronic equipment and provides coverage for the losses occurring to due to damage to your stored information. It also covers you for the additional cost incurred due to the damage of equipment that you may need to incur to keep your business running.

This description is intended to be a general summary of the type of coverages included in this product. Your needs maybe very different and will need different kinds of cover to actually manage the risks involved. We understand this and are happy to built a specific policy that will meet your requirements.

Summary of Cover

Section 1

Unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage (including mechanical & electrical breakdown) to electronic equipment other than those specifically excluded

Section 2

External data media/ the information stored in External DP systems

Section 3

Increased cost of working

If the above coverage is not enough to encompass your needs, you’re more than welcomed to request a tailor-made product with extended covers* for items such as:

  • Damage due to Strike Riot

  • Cover of extra charge for overtime night work on public holidays and express freight
  • Cover of extra charge for airfreight
  • Cover for theft
  • Cover of mobile and portable equipment outside the premises
  • Cover for earthquake
  • Cover for hurricane cyclone and typhoon
  • Cover of full replacement value

*extended cover comes with additional premium

Major Exclusions

General exclusions:

  • Wear & tear
  • Damage caused by the failure or interruption of any gas water or electricity service or supply
  • Any costs incurred in connection with the elimination of functional failures
  • Any costs incurred in connection with the maintenance
  • War risk/ political risk exclusion
  • Nuclear/ ionizing radiations/ contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or waste
  • Damage due to faults or defects existing prior to the commencement of the policy
  • Damage for which the manufacturer is responsible
  • Damage for which the owner of hired/ rented equipment is responsible
  • Value of data
  • Wilful act or wilful negligence
  • Consequential loss
  • IT Clarificaton Clause
  • Pollution exclusion
  • Asbestos Exclusion
  • Terrorism Exclusion

Particulars of the exclusions given above are not complete or exhaustive, for more information, please feel free to Contact Us.


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