Group Medical

As a caring employer, you may wish to provide medical benefits to your employees.

Falcon has all along endeavoured to provide tailor made plans with different and flexible choices of group medical policies to customers for the past 20 years in Hong Kong. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality all the time. We value your feedback on our services which will help us understand your needs, pursue excellence and continuous improvement in the delivery of our services. We have continuously found ways to grow our business.

Features of our product

We determine our customers’ need and provide the most suitable suggestions of benefits for our customers.

  • Tailor-made plans with just 5 insureds
  • Flexibility in pricing and combination of benefits
  • Around 2500 network doctors in Hong Kong and 60 network doctors in Macau
  • Special rate for Day case surgery at designated clinics
  • E-claim advice & Web Portal
  • Stents and Intra-ocular lens are covered
  • Surgery or Cancer treatment like Chemotherapy and radiotherapy performed at clinics or day care units in hospital are covered under Hospitalization and Surgical benefits.

Free cover

We provide the below free cover to our new customers.

Clinical Surgery Cash Allowance

  • A cash allowance will be paid in case where the Insured Member receives any of the designated Day Case Procedures at clinic (i.e. Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy)

Hospital Income for Coordination of Benefit

Referral letter is waived for Specialist’s Consultation in Gynaecology, Dermatology, Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Ophthalmology (Eye) & Paediatrics

  • Applicable for both panel and non-panel network service if Insurance Schedule includes “Outpatient Specialist’s Consultation” benefit.

24 hours Worldwide Cover

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