Insurance is like clothes. You definitely cannot wear your casual t-shirt to office or to a wedding. Similarly, you an adult of 23 years cannot fit into the clothes of a ten year old. So is insurance. Its needs differ form people to people based on their occupation, assets owned, the stage of their life and the events in their life.

In order to be covered adequately, you first need to determine your insurance needs. There are many approaches to do so. We, at Falcon insurance have identified needs based on four basic parameters –

  • Occupation
  • Assets
  • Life stage and
  • Events

The insurance needs of a private entrepreneur would differ from that of a government employee. Likewise, the needs of a salaried individual would be drastically different from that of a student or doctor.

More the assets, more the need to cover them against any unforeseen calamities. It is important to estimate the extent of cover needed for your various assets so you do not end up being over or underinsured. The extent of cover for your home taken on a loan would differ from that in a colony or a society. Similarly, your office insurance needs would differ if it is on rent or you own it. Know the right extent of cover needed for your assets.

  • Home
  • Office/ Shop
  • Motor
  • Health

Life stage
The risks that a student is exposed to are different from the risks of a married man. While retiring, the security required is much more than when one is at the peak of his/ her career. As you grow up, the risks you are exposed to changes. According, you need to change your covers too! The various stages of life when you need to re consider your coverage are

  • Student
  • Starting a Career
  • Getting Married
  • Married with Kids
  • Single Parent
  • Nearing Retirement
  • Retired

Life is full of occasions. Some of which adds more responsibility on your shoulders. These important events and occasions take you a step ahead in your life, fulfilling your dreams and increasing your duties. Ensure that you are rightly covered in all these events. Some of the events could be :

  • Study Abroad
  • Changing jobs
  • Getting married
  • Having a baby
  • Buying an asset such as a home, investments etc.
  • Starting your business
  • Getting retired

The first step to get adequately secured is to understand what are the covers you need and to what extent. We will help you to do this. After all, its all about getting the right fit!!